Good Reads and Fun Things, Vol. 2

If fonts were cats | what, you never wondered?

Text street style | Can get enough of this:

“Stephen wears black Mandatory shorts, an i love ugly brown paisley short-sleeved shirt and purple canvas Vans plimsolls.

Peter wears dark blue Wrangler jeans, an orange ASOS scoop neck t-shirt, and blue-grey New Balance trainers.

Accessories: shopping bags from Moore Wilson, romantic love, sinister moral agenda.”

A talk with one of China’s rent-a-boyfriends | it’s a pretty fascinating concept. How far will children go to please their parents and adhere to their cultural value system? I wonder what the market is like for rent-a-girlfriends?

What teens get about the Internet that parents don’t | It’s not just teens–more often than not I turn to the internet to teach me what I need to learn. I think it’s fantastic and a real step towards the democratisation of education.

Recipe: Coconut whipped cream | I can’t wait to try this one just as soon as my coconut cream solidifies.

I’m also looking forward to trying vegetarian ‘ground beef’. 

Additional Myers-Briggs personality types | from McSweeny’s

My husband and I sailed from California to New Zealand, while I was pregnant | I can’t wait to read the memoir!

How to Destroy Angels did an AMA | It’s well worth a read. I particularly enjoyed reading their thoughts on what a band is and how they are challenging the norm:

We’re trying to expand the idea of what a “band” can be, make it more holistic and treat visual contributions as equally important.

Finally this week, Kakenya Ntaiya made a bargin; she agreed to undergo female circumcision, as long as she could continue going to school. Here is her TED Talk:





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