Good Reads and Fun Things, Vol. 6

If you like hip hop, data, and linguistics, this post is for you: The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop

♫ I’ve Been Thinking by Handsome Boy Modelling School has been on repeat lately.

Gabourey Sibide’s speech on self-confidence is amazing. Funny, bittersweet, and insightful.

I just forgot for a moment that my entire class hated me. I had zero friends from the fourth grade to the sixth grade. Who the hell was I baking cookies for? I really got so excited to bake that I had forgotten that everyone hated my guts. Why didn’t they like me? I was fat, yes. I had darker skin and weird hair, yes. But the truth is, this isn’t a story about bulling, or color, or weight. They hated me because… I was an asshole!

How to restart a shitty day

Teehee. System of a Downton Abbey by @Jimllpaintit


A really well-researched piece about urban cycling on Medium.

If you’re learning French and are looking for a more immersive experience, check out Night Walk by Google, a guided tour of Marseille (in French or English).

Fans of Mary Roach <3 should read this interview with her on Mental Floss.

Hilarious, amazing photos. Single Woman Spends 14 Years with Mannequin Family to Make a Point

And finally, the Best Cat Video Ever.

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